ESEV Partners with Leading Canadian Producer Aphria

We’re delighted to announce that we’re partnering with one of Canada’s leading large scale producers of medical-grade cannabis Aphria Inc to develop and bring to market the highest quality strains of cannabis available to treat a range of medical conditions.

Aphria has one of the fastest seed-to-sale timelines among Canadian licensed producers and has established a reputation as a leading, low-cost medical cannabis producer within the investor community. We will be working with them to apply our next-generation genetics-based technologies and techniques to breeding cannabis, utilizing DNA marker tools to create highly accurate, custom made and stable strains.

“Our primary commitment is to grow, harvest and deliver a consistent medicine to patients,”said Vic Neufeld, CEO, Aphria Inc. “Using ESEV’s genetic breeding technologies will allow us to further enhance quality control, increase production yield and maintain our low-cost producer status. We are excited and eager to expand our commercial agri-business best practices in partnership with ESEV.”

Adds ESEV Executive Director and Founder Golan Vaknin “Aphria’s advanced cultivation methods and proven track record as a leading LP in Canada together with our advanced genetic technologies and experience will set the standard in the Canadian market for premium medical cannabis varieties. Unlike many other companies that genetically modify breeds, our techniques have proven to be the most precise, consistent and cost-effective.

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