ESEV Genetics Links US and Israel in Significant New Cannabis Research Program

ESEV Genetics, a pioneer in the application of proven breeding technologies to cannabis research, today announced launching a new clinical research program to enable U.S. companies who are seeking to advance and refine their cannabis formulations and delivery systems using the leading medical institutions in Israel.

ESEV will match the intent and objectives of each study and set of trials with the appropriate institutional and clinical frameworks.

Susan Alpert, ESEV’s scientific advisor who worked for the FDA for more than ten years, added:

“Obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals for marijuana research and trials in the US is exceptionally difficult. Plus, US knowledge in this field is extremely limited. Israel represents an advanced and supportive environment for medical cannabis, with decades of relevant experience. Their sophisticated medical system, along with the quality of data collection, assure that all clinical trials conducted in Israel will be wholly accepted by the FDA. In addition, trials in Israel can be conducted on a much more cost-effective basis.”

Golan Vaknin ESEV’s founder and executive director noted “Our clinical research program is a strong validation of our “Farm to Pharma” mission – developing high value cannabis crops, suitable for scalable production, to develop medicine and food that will improve the quality of life for people around the world.”

ESEV is collaborating with a number of Israel’s leading scientific institutions to further advance their knowledge and technologies as well as launching an R&D program in the country to develop proprietary cannabis strains to target specific medical indications.

ESEV’s clinical research program is the latest important step in a half-century journey. For over fifty years, Israel’s leading scientific institutions and hospitals have been investigating medical cannabis, and have been legally treating patients for the past ten. Israel’s electronic medical records system helps researchers and prescribers track its longitudinal efficacy. This collaborative, established ecosystem, the state’s recently relaxed laws on accessibility of medicinal marijuana, combined with in-depth experience in the growing and extraction of the plant place Israel with a clear competitive global advantage.

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Established in 2014, ESEV Genetics is the world’s first company to apply proven genetic technologies – including DNA marker tools – to cannabis, in order to achieve its mission of bringing the health benefits of plants to improve quality of life.

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