ESEV Genetics focuses on development of genetic-based tools for improving cannabis breeding, in a scientific, accurate and cost effective way.

Cannabis Breeding:

Breeding plants is a precise and well-defined procedure. Breeding high-quality cannabis varieties is a challenging and complex process. For exploiting the full potential of cannabis cultivation, the cultivator needs to find the perfect balance between medical and recreational effect caused by the cannabinoids and terpenoids composition and the agronomic properties such as vigor, yield and resistance. Using our novel genetic technologies, we breed for the next-generation cannabis varieties, focusing on both the farmer (agronomic properties) and customer (medical/recreational) needs.

Genetic Tools:

ESEV genetics is developing and using cutting edge genetic technologies for enhanced cannabis breeding. Our novel genetic approach is based on the use of a tailor-made set of genetic markers, specially designed for each genetic material and breeding program. We combine Next-Generation-Sequencing methods (NGS) with trait-specific DNA markers to build the most efficient genetic tools, whether it be for breeding medical cannabis, recreational cannabis or industrial hemp.

Medical Research:

ESEV genetics is working in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Health as well as with established tenured researchers from leading academic institutes and medical centers, to advance research and to develop innovative specific medical cannabis strains to target specific ailments.